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Relaxable™ Eye Massager with Heat

Relaxable™ Eye Massager with Heat

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This is an employee favorite for stress relief and headaches!

The NEW Relaxable™ Eye Massager with heat delivers rhythmic compression therapy, heat and vibration to 10 acupressure points. It helps to relieve ocular muscle tension, tired puffy eyes, reduces eye strain, headaches, and promotes blood circulation and relaxation for better sleep. The soft vegan leather lining is gentle on the skin and easy to clean. Features 5 therapy modes with simple one button interface.

Soothing Warm Compress
The Relaxable Eye Massager by iReliev features built in heating pads that act as a hot compress which can improve eye symptoms such as eye strain, puffiness, dry eyes and may help reduce dark circles. Provides treatment at a comfortable temperature, between 104 to 107 degrees, for a soothing and relaxing experience.

Immersive music experience
Calm ambient tones are emitted through built-in speakers located behind the skin friendly faux leather and Bluetooth connectivity allowing you to listen to your favorite music, sounds of nature or guided meditation for an enhanced spa-like experience every time.

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