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Padded Knee Sleeve

Padded Knee Sleeve

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Choose size based on knee circumference measurement. Premium grade neoprene: Two sided nylon with 1/8" neoprene provides compression, warmth, and durability. Open patella: Open patella relieves patella pressure and assists in optimum positioning.

Padded Knee Sleeve - 117061


Fits: 12" - 13"

Padded Knee Sleeve - 117062


Fits: 13" - 14"

Padded Knee Sleeve - 117064


Fits: 14" - 15"

Padded Knee Sleeve - 117065


Fits: 15" - 16"

Padded Knee Sleeve - 117066


Fits: 16"-18"

Padded Knee Sleeve - 117067


Fits: 18"-20"

Padded Knee Sleeve - 117068


Fits: 20" - 23"

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