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FLAT SOCKS Snow Leopard

FLAT SOCKS Snow Leopard

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Snow Leopard Flat Socks fit Women's Shoe Sizes up to 11 and Men's Shoe Sizes up to 10. The bottom of the "sock" has easy-to-use lines to trim to size. For Flat Socks up to Women's 13 and Men's 14, click here. For KIDS Flat Socks, click here.

Wear your Flat Socks INSTEAD OF regular socks! Great to wear with boat shoes, house shoes, sneakers and more. Tested with excellent satisfaction for us with Hey Dudes, Gypsy Jazz, Sperrys, Brooks, New Balance, Vans, Zebas and Converse. Plus, they are completely machine washable and dry-able!  For users who struggle to put on socks and shoes, try these with your Zeba Hands-Free Shoes!

$6 flat shipping. Free shipping when you buy five of any available style. Pick up in-store and get 15% off when you buy three! Use Code FLATSOCKS3

Top Fabric Material:
100% polyester microfiber terrycloth

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