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Sand Toys - 9 Beach Toys Includes 3 Beach Sand Castle Bucket

SKU: SM395716
EVERYTHING INCLUDED: Comes with a waterproof carrying beach bag net, 3 Sand Castle Buckets, a Shovel, and 4 sand animal molds including star fish, octopus, turtle and crab all at an incredible price! Your kid will love this sand toys set! EASY TO CARRY: This sand baby beach toys come in a durable and waterproof mesh bag to store all the pieces and easily carry your beach bucket and toys anywhere you go. Also, this beach sand toys set includes everything you need for hours of fun of the outdoor/indoor beach sand play. PERFECT FOR VACATIONS OR JUST BACKYARD FUN: This set is perfect if you are heading to the beach, but can also be great toys for sandbox or backyard toys for kids. NON-TOXIC, CERTIFIED QUALITY - SAFE AND DURABLE MATERIALS : All Toy Life products are made with non-toxic and safe materials. They have been rigorously tested and certified to meet and exceed all safety standards.