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Drive Medical

Semi-Electric Hospital Bed Rental: $270/month

Semi-Electric Hospital Bed Rental: $270/month

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This rental is for the Delta Ultra-Light 1000 Semi-Electric Hospital Bed by Drive Medical with a 5-zone therapeutic foam mattress, half rails, a waterproof mattress protector (that can serve as a fitted sheet) and first-floor setup.

Please note: when checking out, the delivery line will say "Free." This is because delivery fees are charged upon speaking with our scheduler.

By submitting this reservation, you are paying a non-refundable deposit of $25. The remaining rental amount and delivery fees will be charged the day of delivery. We will contact you to schedule delivery and obtain a credit card for file. 

$270 per month (28 days)

**For short-term needs, you can choose the standard innerspring mattress for $210 per month. Please call us for this option.

Optional Bedside Table Rental: Additional $30 per month

Delivery fees:
One time fee of $2 per mile, includes pick up. Waived for Waterford and White Lake locations, or when you commit to two months (must be under 25 miles). Also waived when making an additional purchase that exceeds the delivery fee.

The customer is solely responsible for knowing if a piece of equipment will be suitable prior to delivery. We can offer guidance and suggestions, but once the equipment has been delivered and set up, you are responsible for the cost of the full rental period.

Deliveries are made Monday through Friday during regular business hours. Enter your delivery date is the "Rental Start Date" line on this page and we will provide the delivery time options. If the reservation is submitted before 3:00pm, we will contact you the same day to finish scheduling the delivery.

We recommend reserving at least 72 hours in advance when possible but can accommodate a delivery within one business day when necessary. We generally cannot accommodate a same-day delivery, but please give us a call in to inquire.

This rental is for a semi-electric bed, with a remote that controls the head and foot of the bed and a hand crank to change the bed's height. If you need a full-electric bed, please call our office to discuss options.

First floor delivery only.

Our monthly rental is a 28 day/4 week rental as we cannot pick up equipment on the weekends. 

When you no longer need your equipment, you are responsible for contacting us to schedule your equipment delivery pickup three business days prior to the due date. We will not contact you to schedule your pickup. There will be a $75 late fee incurred if you contact us with less than three days notice and we aren't able to schedule the pickup before the due date. There is no penalty if you contact us in time and we aren't able to schedule the pick up in time.
*This policy is because we prioritize equipment rental deliveries over pick-ups so that we are able to offer fast and last-minute delivery options for necessary equipment. Very regularly, a family will find that they have no notice to bring home a family member and need to rush to make their home safe.

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