What is a Toilet Seat Riser and Does My Insurance Pay for It?

Are you or a loved one struggling with mobility issues that make using the bathroom a challenge? A toilet seat riser could be the solution you've been looking for. This simple yet effective device bolts directly to your toilet, adding 3.5" to the height of the seat. This small adjustment can make a world of difference for individuals who have difficulty getting on and off the toilet.

Why Choose a Toilet Seat Riser?

Unlike many other elevated seat aids, a toilet seat riser allows you to continue using the original seat lid, maintaining the aesthetic of your bathroom. Additionally, it is easy to install and comes in both elongated and standard round options to ensure a perfect fit for your toilet.

Who Can Benefit from a Toilet Seat Riser?

Many individuals can benefit from the added safety and convenience of a toilet seat riser. Whether you have bad hips or knees, struggle with mobility issues, or have recently undergone joint replacement surgery, a toilet seat riser can make using the bathroom much easier and more comfortable.

Will My Insurance Pay For It?

Unfortunately, Medicare does not consider this to be "DME," as is required to fall under the Medicare Part B plan. Most private insurances and Medicare Advantage Plans follow this lead, but some may pay for it. It's always worth a call to your insurance company to find out!

At MI MED, our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the perfect toilet seat riser for your specific needs. Don't let mobility issues limit your independence – invest in a toilet seat riser today and make your bathroom a safer place for everyone.

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