Signs and Symptoms of Dementia in West Bloomfield, Michigan

Watching a loved one struggle with memory loss and confusion can be heartbreaking. It's important to be aware of the signs and symptoms of dementia so that you can provide the best care possible. Here are some common signs to look out for:


One of the most common early signs of dementia is forgetfulness. This can include forgetting important dates, events, or appointments. It may also involve repeating the same questions or stories multiple times.

Difficulty with Everyday Tasks

People with dementia may struggle with tasks that were once routine for them. This could be anything from cooking a meal to getting dressed in the morning. They may also have trouble following a familiar recipe or driving to a familiar location.

Changes in Mood or Behavior

Dementia can also cause changes in mood and behavior. Your loved one may become more irritable, anxious, or agitated. They may also experience sudden mood swings or become more withdrawn from social activities.

What Caregivers Can Do

If you suspect that your loved one may have dementia, it's important to seek medical advice as soon as possible. A healthcare professional can help with diagnosis and provide guidance on the best course of action. In the meantime, there are things you can do to support your loved one:

Provide a Safe Environment

Make sure your home is safe and secure for your loved one. Remove any potential hazards and consider installing safety features like grab bars in the bathroom.

Establish a Routine

Creating a daily routine can help your loved one feel more secure and in control. Try to stick to a schedule for meals, medication, and activities.

Stay Connected

It's important to stay connected with your loved one, even as their symptoms progress. Spend quality time together, engage in activities they enjoy, and listen to their concerns.

By being aware of the signs of dementia and taking proactive steps to support your loved one, you can help them live a fulfilling and comfortable life.

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